Providing Reality Capture Services to the A/E/C Environment - Photography by Zach Miller

Providing Reality Capture Services to A/E/C Professionals

Easily Bring the Job Site to All Stakeholders

We provide the simplest virtual reality solution to keep your employees and stakeholders up to date.  Our platform keeps your employees doing what they are employed to do and prevents wasted time and money by having them shoot inadequate imagery.  After our site visit, the only thing you need to access the tour is the link.  No login. No account creation. One click and you are in. It's that simple.  CLICK HERE TO EXPERIENCE A TOUR

Quickly Compare Two Tours Side-By-Side To See Progress 

When multiple tours have been created throughout a build, tours can quickly be compared to one another in the same window to quickly see progress.  As you navigate the space, both tours update in real time.   CLICK HERE TO SEE COMPARISON TOUR

Train Employees While Keeping Safety A Top Priority

Lower the risk of on site injury by utilizing our virtual tours in your training process. The trainee can now safely navigate the space without the hazards of the work site.  The knowledge transfer process is sped up and the effectiveness of the training is increased.           

Dispute Resolution

At the end of each project you will receive all of the images on a jump drive.  The meta-data contained in these photos prove when the work was completed, what it looked like, and GPS coordinates of the job.  By arming yourself with this level of documentation, lawsuits will be over quickly.

Virtual Reality Simplified

Stop sending employees to expensive conferences or wasting time with lengthy webinars only to be disappointed with the end results .  We bring all the necessary tools and experience to you, saving you time and money.

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