The Motor Yacht W

     In January I was asked to photograph the Motor Yacht W in Nassau, Bahamas.  The purpose of the shoot was to create imagery to be utilized by the charter company, who finds clients to charter the boat for a week at a time (if you have a cool 150k laying around and a free week here's an option!).  Needed were exterior shots with the boat underway, interior shots showing the elegance of the furnishings, crew shots, and shots of people enjoying the boat.  However, not in the budget were models and I was told not to use the crew as it didn't look as authentic.  This posed a little bit of a problem, but luckily I was able to bring my wife along who didn't mind too much wearing a bathing suit and sitting by the hot tub (although she was 30 weeks pregnant and I had to try and hide her belly).  

I was also asked to get some aerial stills and video using the boats DJI Phantom 2 drone.  At first I was very excited at the thought of flying a drone, I'd have never done that before.  However, after flying it in the parking lot for an hour and crashing it twice the captain looked at me and said, "Ok, we're ready!"  Seriously?!?!  Off we went and I can proudly say the phantom didn't take a drink and is still in working order!  Whew!  (Also, I'm now addicted to flying these things and have since purchased one of my own.  Too much fun!)

     Looking back on the project, which I ended up having a day and a half to shoot, I'm pretty proud of the images we were able to capture.  My research into the quality of imagery the charter company expected paid off and I was able to keep on task thanks to my shot list.  The client was happy, I was happy and most importantly my wife was happy she got to tag along.

     I want to say a big thank you to Captain Mark and his crew, the quality of the photographs is a direct result of their generosity and professionalism.  To learn more about the beautiful vessel and see some drone footage from the shoot, visit:

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