An Intimate Look at WeatherTech's Emotional 2016 Le Mans

     For everyone involved in the WeatherTech effort, it was a week we'd all like to forget.  However, it will not soon be forgotten.  The emotional gamut was run from excitement and hope to frustration and sadness.  Early in the week the drivers were over the moon to be driving at Le Mans and left the track thinking "did that just happen"?  I felt, and still feel, terrible for all three of them.  

     More observations/thoughts:  Dueling engineers proved to be a challenge.  Seeing the ACO tease Gunnar was hard to watch.  Sickness sucks.  The ACO sucks.  I still love Circuit de la Sarthe.  French customs are the worst (held my gear for 4 extra days, lights didn't make it).  French showers are always interesting. The light can be beautiful (sad I didn't get to shoot one sunset or sunrise however).  Girls in tight suits are popular EVERYWHERE.  Now that I'm a Dad, I love watching the kids at the driver parade and Dads with their kids around the track.  WeatherTech Racing is cursed at Le Mans.  Friendship is great.  WT drivers are fun.  The rain can be good.  Though the race can be a challenge to photograph, it's worse to have to leave early.  I was sad.

     With that said, here's a 'behind the scenes' look at the WeatherTech Racing's week in Le Mans, mixed in with some of my favorite track action.   Not looking forward to next year, but I can't wait :)

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